Celine Fortenbacher

Coming from a theatrical background, 22 year old Celine grew up behind the stage. She began training in dance and performance from an early age on and soon became interested in the work behind the stage and camera.

During college in Hamburg, she got booked for celebratory events such as birthdays and weddings. Being more interested in creative work, she moved on to help with concepts for album covers and posters for theatre productions ('Kamionka', 'Intimate Night', 'Colder Water', 'No Soothing Grave For Us'). She has since focused on taking portraits and headshots for actors, performers, dancers and othher people she meets. After finishing college, she worked for Fortune Cookie Film production as a production assistant intern and as a voice-artist in smaller productions (nhb, Winterzeit Verlag). Just before entering her first year at university, she shadowed the productions 'Das Tierreich' at the Thalia Theatre and 'Fast normal' at Kammerspiele both in Hamburg as a dramaturgy and directing assistant intern.

While attending her third year at Goldsmiths University of London studying BA Drama & Theatre arts, she works as an independent part-time photographer and dancer, focusing on her interests in directing, performance and lighting. 


If you are interested in talking about future opportunities, want to get a coffee or jump in for a project, don't hesitate to get in touch and drop me a message!


E-mail celinefortenbacher@gmail.com