“That’s how it went. Either the truth or a little bit of wee would leak out.”

 Antonym Theatre's summer relaunch with a double bill of new writing - the first performance of 'Colder Water' and return of 'TWIX', "a new writing triumph" (A Younger Theatre).

Ellie and Louise are back together and Ellie wants to keep it that way. James, a Waitrose loving would-be-writer, is living off daddy’s bank account whilst his sister Ally gets nostalgic about peeing on country roads. Everyone is a little tense and nobody seems to know how much wine a pregnant woman should drink. Darkly funny, 'Colder Water' explores the experience of living in a female body through full bladders, sexts, awkward dance moves and consent. 

Directed by Celine Fortenbacher

Written by Laurie Ogden

  1. Production - Antonym Theatre